Blog #2, Touching base with you.

Hello again from the Quails Nest, it's 5:20 on a Friday morning here in North County San Diego & it's time to rise & shine. I'm going to take a step back or should I say "back up a little" & start from the beginning vs. my 1st blog entry where I addressed the current state of the world in regards to the COVID-19 situation, well now it's about us ( You, Me...This ). You are actually 50% of this companies existence & soul, Niki & I are one half or 50% in the way in which we make things happen on our end by buying, roasting & producing a product but it's not complete if no one is buying our product to enjoy, whether it's a cup of one of our current offerings or maybe you just want to support brand & buy a shirt or mug for your tea because you don't drink coffee ( "it makes me jittery" ) our company is incomplete if the process is not completed by you. 

Something that is very important to me & paramount to what Quail Street Coffee Roasters is built on is continuous exploration & reinvention. Not because we can't seem to figure it out or we're wanting to be trendy but because we want to share with you whats out there in the world. We want to provide you with an experience you'll cherish like a special vacation or that special glass of wine. Our menu will always have three to four staple coffees you can count on but even that menu will rotate, Brazil & Guatemala have become Colombia & Honduras, Our Ethiopia will go away soon in exchange for who knows what, Yemen? Tanzania? Not because they don't sell but because we want to roast whats out there in the world. I know this can work for & against me - meaning some of you just want your Guatemala but some of you can't wait for Guatemala to go away. At the end of the day this keeps Quail Street Coffee fresh ( total pun intended ) and inviting which brings me to my next & final paragraph.

Quail Street Coffee Roasters will always be changing it up & where we go next has two major deciding factors. We always want to cover three major continents and / or regions of the world. South America for that balanced cup of bold, Central America to include Mexico & the Eastern Hemisphere for you who love the fruitiness of some African varieties or that Indonesian semi washed funk. The second major factor in what we're looking to buy is crop -  harvest freshness, when was that coffee harvested? is not harvested every month or year round so I look for harvest dates when selecting new coffee from current list of available offerings I get from my vendor. I want you to have the freshest cup of coffee possible but please don't go into a panic on me, your Guatemala Huehuetenango & Ethiopia Guji will be back! We just got to wait for that next harvest ( insert smile face ) 

Thank You for your continued support, please don't hesitate to drop us an email & share you thoughts, we wan't to hear from you. lets us know what you think.





  • Thanks for what you do and sharing your passion. Thanks for teaching me something today. I appreciate you both

    Patrick Merrick
  • Love you brother 🤗❤️

  • Mondo you are awesome, you are working so hard in keeping your current and future clients interested in your product. Good job 👍

  • You guys are doing a great job!!

    Rick Kent

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