About Us

  Niki Nicoletti  / Amando Cardenas
Niki was born in the south of Italy & immigrated to the Americas with her Mom & Dad in search of dreams & opportunity. From Los Angeles to Jamaica to the Italian community of Woodbridge, Ontario Canada, one thing that never went missing was coffee. A cup of espresso made on a stove top Moka was something they would enjoy together every morning.
Amando is a Southern California native & grew up in a house where coffee was also a staple item, whether Mom was reading the paper while drinking her coffee or Dad had his thermos full while on a haul, You could always find a freshly brewed pot of coffee in their home on Quail Street in Indio California.
Both Amando & Niki have a passion for all things artisan & homemade, they love to share their passions with others and want to share one of their best childhood memories with everyone. Quail Street Coffee Roasters is the result of two people born half ways across the planet from one another. Quail street is home…it’s your home.