Blog #3, First Year is in the books...oh what a ride!

Hello everyone! We hope you're all having a great summer & keeping cool. I've been looking forward to this particular blog entry. My one year anniversary entry, My celebration of all has been awesome entry, but as we all know our country is a mess right now so it'll be a combo of topic entry. I'm going to keep this as positive as possible so a quick reality check then it's on to the celebration and "thank you everyone" part of the read. I have so much to be thankful for but I'd be lying if I said I couldn't be happier with how things have gone in the last month or two. When the pandemic first hit we got an overwhelming amount of support and online orders but as the quarantine got longer & longer we did notice a drop in business. I totally get it, people are unsure of what the future holds so they need to be smart with their spending so with that said take care of you first, pay your bills, feed your family & play it safe. Quail Street ain't going nowhere anytime soon & we'll be right here for you. 

First year is in the books! July 2019 we're on a plane to Minneapolis to participate in a roasting workshop and to pick out a roaster, Two months later I'm roasting my first batch of coffee & one year later I've roasted coffee from 9 countries & over a quarter ton of beans. That's not a lot in my industry but it's kept me in business this first year & given me the confidence to keep going. Overall business is growing & both Niki and I are having a great time. It's not always fun and games and I've certainly had some very challenging moments with the occasional meltdown but not once have we regretted our decision to do this nor have we ever complained about having to do something cause "we don't feel like it". Roasting coffee is a very complex process and it can be very frustrating at times, especially if you have no prior experience roasting coffee. You're always learning something and you got to be willing to be learning on the daily, something learned should never result in "ok got it" rather it should result in more questions, The coffee will control you if you don't respect it. You've got to honor the process, honor the men & women that literally sing to the coffee plants before picking the fruit from it. I do my best and dedicate myself to producing the best possible cup of coffee for you to enjoy. It's my obligation to do so. 

With the above statements in mind I'd like to bring everyone up to speed with where we're at currently. I'm learning as I go and sometimes this can result in hiccups along the way. I have three new coffee's I'm working on & would have liked for them to be available already but if I'm not happy with the profile it's not going out to you the paying customer. We do have a very special project we're very excited about coming soon that I hope you'll all enjoy. It's combining my new career with my old career ( I worked in the Art Gallery industry for 18 yrs ) I like applying little bits of that world to Quail Streets business model. We also have Quails Nest which is a "based on availability" coffee that will be offered at a discount. For more information on what's coming check out the menu & thank you everybody for an amazing first year and continued support. We look forward to the future with you all! Be good to one another and feel free to reach out to me if you have something to share.




  • “Experience makes the Master” you are well on your way! Love you much brother.. congratulations to you and Niki on this 1 year anniversary 😊❤️

  • When you put your heart and soul in what you do, it shows..
    Congratulation on your first year of business, wishing you the best in the next years to come! Bravo 👏

  • Congratulations Mondo on your well earned milestone. Can’t wait to see what’s next

    Patrick Merrick
  • Congratulations, my friend! Wishes for continued success!

    Oscar S.

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