Things don't always go as planned. Blog Entry #4

Greetings & Happy Holidays from the Quails Nest. It's time to write what is a long overdue entry...or is it? What is there to write about? Not much has changed for the better and in a way things have kind of gotten worse, or has it? I've always wanted these entries to be positive and fun with exciting news of what's to come but I've got to be honest, that's not so easy these days. The world is figuring things out and we're all doing our best to adjust to the "new normal" & daily routines are not so routine right now. Niki and I had an idea from the start of what & where we wanted Quail Street to be down the road in terms of both growth & brand but it's not going as planned. Let me explain. We have projects we want to do such as collaborations & limited edition releases but with the current pandemic and job market being the way it is, orders are not where we think they should be. Our ideas have been pushed back a week which then turns into a month which then turns into "lets just hold off for now". There were a couple of things that came along unexpectedly such as our first wholesale account with California Bean in San Diego who we thank for bringing us on board & Fleet Feet San Diego who ordered coffee for their annual customer appreciation promo. Both of these untimed events despite the push back of other projects resulted in Quail Street having it's best month ever and we wouldn't change it for the world!  As we learn to embrace both organic growth & unplanned direction, we look forward to having more months like November moving forward. Don't get me wrong we are very pleased with where Quail Street Coffee Roasters is as a company, it's just that we didn't get there as planned.

I would like to share with you we still have one of those exciting "pushed back" projects in the works & I'm looking forward to announcing it soon. It's a project I hope you all get to enjoy & take part in. Thank you everyone for your orders, it's what keeps Quail Street going and it makes it all worth it knowing you're enjoying our coffee. 

Whats on your mind? I really want to know so leave a comment below and engage us, engage a fellow customer...after all we're all part of the same nest.     

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  • Thanks for your hard work and amazing beans… Any chance of buying in bulk for consumers? Say 5lbs? With most of us working from home larger quantities are making more sense


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